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Activity alien ships UFOs near the Sun in the February 11, 2014

February 12, 2014


After many years of UFO research and anomalies near the Sun, have accumulated a lot of material research, many findings and discoveries. I want to publish a book about the research “UFOs and anomalies near the Sun,” but I do not have the money to publish the book. You can make a donation and help the project. I’m looking for advertisers For this channel! Please help this channel – a donation on PayPal: snezhinsk2@gmail.com For more exclusive information on UFOs, please visit http://x-u-f-o.blogspot.com


  • D

    This guy thinks you need money to publish a book. Agent query.com

  • sam.i.am

    this is fake, the sun does not change at all from photo to photo, and any idiot with photo shop can make those smudgy “objects”. It’s a shame I’ve seem some really compelling videos and photographs of strange object floating around the sun but this is not any of them.

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