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The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life Volume One Chapter One

June 15, 2011


My Brothers & Sisters

These papers are intended to selectively SUMMARIZE the Work found in Volume One of Drunvalo Melchizedeks “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life ” if you do not own a copy of this book i strongly Urge you to secure a copy through Amazon.com or whatever outlet best suits your needs

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: v. 1 (Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life)

*How Atlantis Changed our Reality

A little less than 13,000 years ago something very dramatic happened in the history of our planet.

Everything we experience in our daily living is the direct result of a certain sequence of events that happened during the end of The Atlantean Period. The consequences of these ancient events have entirely changed the way we live and interpret Reality.

Man during The Atlantean Period existed in a very high level of awareness. Due to events that happened between 16,000 and 13,000 years ago, Humanity fell from that very high level of awareness to where Man finds himself today.

As a result of “The Fall”, specific changes took place within our Psyche as a direct result of a change in the way we breathe in “Prana”, a Hindu word for “Life-Force Energy from The Universe”.

During The Atlantean Period and prior periods, the manner in which we breathed in “Prana” was directly related to the Electro-Magnetic Energy Fields that surround our bodies. There are a number of these fields that surround the Human Body and all of them are of a specific geometric configuration.

One field which Drunvalo directs our attention to is in the configuration of a Star-Tetrahedron which has the appearance of a three dimensional Star of David. This Star-Tetrahedron which surrounds our body has its top apex point situated one hand length above the top of our head. The bottom apex point is situated one hand length below our feet. Between the top and bottom apex points, through the center of this Star-Tetrahedron Energy Field is a Crystalline Structured Tube which is of a diameter roughly equal to the opening created by touching the thumb and the middle finger together. At both ends of this Crystalline Tube is a Crystalline Cap.

Before “The Fall of Atlantis”, Man would induce “Prana” into both ends of this Tube through his breathing. This “Prana” would then mix the higher with the lower, inside the Tube and focus upon one or more of our Chakra Centers.

“The Fall” also affected our Pineal Gland which was previously the size of a ping-pong ball, but is now the size of a dried pea. The Pineal Gland directly interacted with the “Pranic Flow” such as to function as an Eye looking directly upward.

According to Drunvalo, The Pineal Gland holds all Sacred Geometries and Understandings of exactly how the Reality was created.

This Understanding and Knowledge is accessible to every Human Being, yet because of the way we currently breathe in “Prana”, The Pineal Gland has gone dormant.

The good news is that it can be reactivated by re-learning how to correctly breathe in “Prana” and restart the “Pranic Flow” in the Tube that runs through this Star-Tetrahedron Shaped Energy Field, which Drunvalo calls “The Merkaba”.

Drunvalo says that Humanity is getting assistance in our recovery efforts to regain our high level of awareness from beings from all over our Universe. We are currently experiencing some of the benefits of this assistance.

Currently the way which Humanity views Reality is called Polarity Consciousness.

*The MER- KA- BA

This Star-Tetrahedron Shaped Energy Field which surrounds the Human Body, once activated, spins at a rate close to the Speed of Light and has a diameter of approximately 55 feet. Its activation is measurable by certain electronic instrumentation and gives off a heat signature resembling that of a galaxy which paradoxically is also the same shape as we attribute to a traditional Flying Saucer.
is translated as “Chariot”.

The activation of “The Merkaba” is the key to recovering the expanded awareness Humanity lost during “The Fall”.

The word “MER-KA-BA” is made up of three smaller words which include:

MER – Two Counter-Rotating Fields of Light spinning in the same space.

KA – One’s Individual Spirit

BA – One’s Body in the Physical Realm

It is a vehicle that can take Spirit and Body from One World or Dimension into Another. (Thus it is an inter-dimensional transport mechanism for a Being who has activated IT.)

In The Hebrew Tradition the word “Merkaba”

*Returning To Our Original State

Returning to our original state of expanded awareness is a natural process that can be easy or difficult according to our belief systems. Yet this process requires more than simply following a step by step mechanical procedure. The intellect is not enough to achieve the desired results. The key component that makes this process work is “Unconditional Love”, for it is Divine Love that creates “The Living Field of Light”.

as can be seen the activation of “The Merkaba Light Body” requires a balance of Expanded Intellectual Knowledge of what is possible combined with that of an Expansion of Unconditional Love for Everything, Everywhere.

This is the experience of Being ONE with Everything and relating with Everything in complete and Unconditional Love, as if, this Everything were you, which in truth IT

*A Higher Inclusive Reality

The next component which must be focused upon is The Higher Self. In The Higher Self Reality we exist in other worlds besides this 3rd Dimensional Reality.
There are a multitude of Dimensions and Worlds that almost surpass Human capacity to conceive of them. Yet they exist and are assessable.

These levels are very specific and mathematical and their relationships, one to another, are identical to the relationships of Notes within The Musical Octave and to Octaves within and adjacent to other Octaves.

In our expanded level of awareness which Humanity experienced prior to “The Fall”, one should be aware of several levels at the same time, much like experiencing the groupings of Musical Notes which combine to form a Musical Chord.

Humanity presently exists on probably five or more levels, though there is a break between this 3rd Dimensional Reality and the other dimensions accessible to us.

Connection to The Higher Self mends this break and creates the relationship that enables contact with these other accessible levels. Connection to The Higher Self then becomes crucial to this Process of Ascension. Once the Connection is made, you are guided every step of the way.

*Left and Right Brain Realities

Drunvalo introduces the concept of the Left and Right Hemispheres of the Human Brain. He describes the Human Brain as consisting of three parts, but focuses upon only two that of:
he Left Brain – Masculine Component

The Right Brain – Feminine Component

These two components are the mirror images of each other.

The Right Brain controls the Left Side of our Body.

The Left Brain controls the Right Side of our Body.

The Right Brain, our Feminine Side, correlates to our Psychic – Emotional Life or our Emotional Center. IT knows ITs Connection to God and The Oneness of All That Is. Yet IT can’t explain IT, IT merely knows IT through Feeling.

The Left Brain, our Masculine Side, correlates to our Logical – Intellectual Life. IT does not understand The Oneness of All That Is and only sees Separation, Division and Opposition.

The Left Brain as the Dominant Brain has created The Polarity Consciousness we experience in 3rd Dimensional Life. This Polarity Consciousness has created Good and Evil, as well as God and Satan, as Opposites.

The Problem confronting Humanity is One of getting The Left Brain to give up ITs Dominant Perspective, that of Personality, for a more inclusive Perspective of The Right Brain.

Yet make no mistake, both The Left and Right Brains need each other and there must be established a solid relationship between the two.

If The Left Brain is to give up its position of Dominance, IT must be convinced by the only mechanism that governs IT and that is through Intellectual Understanding.

*Where are we going with this Information

Drunvalo wishes to demonstrate to The Left Brain that there is only One Image in Everything. This Image exists in a myriad of forms from the Electro-Magnetic Fields surrounding the Human Body, to Geometries that govern the Movement of Planets, Stars, Galaxies and even The Atom itself.

Drunvalo will also examine Human History which may not be known to the average person. This History will show us how we got here in the 3rd Dimension and how we can return to our “Pre-Fall” State of Expanded Awareness.

Once The Left Brain begins to see the truth of the presentation, then a bond begins to form between The Left and Right Hemispheres of The Human Brain, specifically where The Corpus Callosum (The Band of Fibers Joining the Two Hemispheres) is to be found. This bond or linkage begins to grow creating One Interconnected Brain where once there was two separated hemispheres. A Flow of Energy passes between the two hemispheres activating The Pineal Gland and Opening up a new vista of Realization on Multiple Dimensions.

The bonding of the two brain hemispheres and The Activation of The Pineal Gland sets the stage for The True Activation of The Merkaba through The Merkaba Meditation. Once activated, The Vehicle of The Soul, which is The Merkaba, sets the stage for you to realize your unique Reason For Being in The Here and Now.

*Challenging the Belief Systems of Our Parents

Drunvalo points out that facts accepted in the recent past have changed just recently and it is these facts which form the basis of our education. As these facts change we must become re-educated to their significance in our daily life.

One example Drunvalo uses is our concept of the Structure of The Atom, which has undergone vast changes from that of a Newtonian perspective of a giant machine to that offered up through Quantum Mechanics.

Drunvalo also touches upon our belief or non-belief in UFOs, asking the question of, Are we truly alone in the Universe? Powerful evidence of UFO sightings suggest otherwise.

Gathering The Anomalies

The Dogon Tribe Sirius B & Dolphin Beings

Drunvalo introduces us to the work of Robert Temple and his book, “The Sirius Mystery”. Robert Temple was one of the first people to reveal the existence of Ancient Knowledge held by an African Tribe called “The Dogon”, which makes their home near Timbuktu, Africa.

Apparently, The Dogon Tribe are guardians of a Cave in which there exists Cave Drawings which are over 700 years old. These Cave Drawings contain information regarding The Star Sirius, which is the brightest Star in the Night Sky. These Cave Drawings show that Sirius is a Binary Star, such as there exists a Sirius A, which revolves around a much older White Dwarf Star called Sirius B. Further, the Cave Drawings say that it takes Sirius A 50 years to make one revolution around Sirius B. Lastly this Sirius B is made of material that is the heaviest in the Universe.

Modern Science only validated the existence of Sirius B in 1962 and the other information was validated over the past 25 years.

When the Dogon Tribe data was finally validated by science, Scientists were perplexed how this tribe could have known about Sirius A and Sirius B. When asked, The Dogon Tribal Elder, holder of this knowledge, told the Scientist that the Sirians themselves visited Earth and told them all about their Home World.

There exists in their Cave, a Cave Drawing that depicts the Sirians descending to Earth in a Flying Saucer, The Cave Drawings depict these Sirians as being “Dolphin-like” Beings.

The pattern on The Dogon Cave Drawing depicts a cycle of one revolution of Sirius A around Sirius B that corresponds to the latest cycle occurring between 1912 and 1990. So obviously, the Cave Drawing depicts more than just one cycle.

Drunvalo then drops this little tidbit about the completion of The Ascension Grid around the Earth occurring in the year 1990.

A Trip to Peru and More Dogon Evidence

In this section, Drunvalo recalls a trip to Cuzco, Peru and specifically to The Hotel San Agustin International. During this trip a series of synchronicities occur linking The Dogon Tribe in Africa to this Hotel half way around the World. The Journey leads Drunvalo to the shores of Lake Titicaca and to The Uros Indians. It seems that the Sirians had visited their tribe in the Ancient Past which formed the basis of their Creation Story.

*A Sanskrit Poem and Pi

In this section, Drunvalo suggests to us that the Ancients knew more than they are generally credited with knowing. Specifically, Drunvalo gives us an example of an Ancient Sanskrit Poem which when properly analyzed reveals the Transcendental Figure of “Pi” to 32 digits.

*Deciphering the Hebrew bible Code

In this section Drunvalo introduces us to a book called “The Bible Code” by Michael Drosnin. Drunvalo tells us that once this book is known by the public, it will have a profound effect on consciousness and will greatly break down the sense of separation from God.

Drunvalo tells us that an Israeli mathematician, named Dr. Eli Rips has discovered that there exists a sophisticated computer code in the Hebrew Bible. This computer code has been verified by many accredited universities around the world as well as governments from around the world.

Drunvalo tells us that what is so amazing about this computer code is that it contains the names of all persons who have ever lived, their dates of birth and death and their major life achievements. Since the Hebrew Bible was written thousands of years ago, the information contained within it must be outside of time. Further, everything that has happened or will happen has already been pre-ordained, if we are to believe in this Bible Code.

Drunvalo closes this section by asking if this is the secret book that the Bible says is hidden and will not be opened until the end of time. According to the Mayan calendar, Drunvalo continues, we have entered this period known as the end of time.

*Edgar Cayce The Sphinx and the hall of Records

In this section, Drunvalo talks about a discovery made by R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz around 50 years ago. Apparently Schwaller De Lubicz, an amateur archaeologist, noted wear patterns on The Sphinx that appeared to be created by the flow of water. These wear patterns appeared very different than those caused by the affects of sand and wind. Such wear patterns as indicated on The Sphinx suggested that it would take a minimum of 1,000 years of continuous flowing water to create.

*How old is the Sphinx

Current Archaeologists date The Great Pyramid and The Sphinx at 6,000 years old. Yet the desert around The Sphinx is at a minimum 7,000 years old. If the wear pattern on The Sphinx is the result of a minimum of a 1,000 years of continuous flowing water and the water could not have been present prior to 7,000 years ago, then The Sphinx must be at least 8,000 years old. Following this logic and assuming that the 1,000 years of water flow wear occurred not on a continuous basis but on an intermittent basis say over 10,000 years or more, then The Sphinx must be older than 15,000 years old.

Drunvalo goes on to explain that the reason that this dating of The Sphinx to a period 15,000 years or more is not accepted by modern Archaeologists, specifically those that control The Sphinx, which are the modern Egyptians, is due to their Muslim Religion. According to The Koran, The World is not older than 6,000 years. Any physical evidence suggesting the dating of an object older than 6,000 years runs contrary to the Muslim Belief. To the Muslim World, this is unacceptable, because it would undermine the Truth of The Koran.
Drunvalo points out that Edgar Cayce, “The Sleeping Prophet” mentioned in one of his sessions that The Sphinx contains the opening to The Hall of Records. The Hall of Records is an alleged underground chamber containing physical proof of superior ancient civilizations existing on Earth.

Drunvalo then points to the veracity of Cayce, stating that all but one of his predictions have come true. The one that did not was the result of a mix-up between twin brothers.

Drunvalo suggests that all of Cayce’s predictions are true up to the year 1972, when things changed here on Earth.

Drunvalo then introduces his Teacher – Guide, Thoth and through information provided by Thoth, The Hall of Records contains proof of civilizations extending back in time to 500 Million years ago.

*Introducing Thoth

In this section, Drunvalo introduces his Spiritual Guide who is called Thoth (with a long O). Thoth is depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics with an Ibis Head. An Ibis is a type of bird that was found along the shores of the River Nile in Ancient Times.

Drunvalo reveals that it was Thoth who introduced writing to the Egyptians, although the claim is to The World. Drunvalo points out that the introduction of writing was a profoundly important event in that it made changes possible for our evolution and consciousness.

Drunvalo then points out an object that Thoth is holding in his left hand, which is called an Ankh. The Ankh is significant in that it is the Symbol of Eternal Life and represents an Electro-Magnetic Field which surrounds the Human Body of the same configuration.

Drunvalo looked all over Egypt to find an Ibis but to no avail. It was only when he returned to Albuquerque, New Mexico and visited the local Zoo that he actually saw what an Ibis looked like. Drunvalo describes the Ibis as Stork-like with short legs and pink feathers.

MY Story

*Berkeley Beginnings

Drunvalo begins this section talking about his communication with the inter-dimensional being Thoth and how this was a daily occurrence over a number of years. As he relates the story, his contact with Thoth was facilitated by actions that began while he was attending The University of California at Berkeley in the late 1960’s. Drunvalo initially majored in Physics and Mathematics at Berkeley. With one quarter to finish his degree, he decided to change his major to fine arts and art history. As Drunvalo recalls this change in major was necessary to access both sides of his brain.

*Dropping out to Canada

Drunvalo got his degree from Berkeley in 1970 and then had a stint in the Army, with deployment in Vietnam. After returning from Vietnam, he said he had had enough of the United States and decided to move to the mountains of Canada. He got married and found a little place far from civilization, next to a lake shore.

Drunvalo then started living life on his terms at this house on the lake. He found he needed only to work about 3 hours per day to subsist and the rest of the time he could play music and enjoy himself. He said he played music 10 hours per day and experienced a return to his inner child.

*The Two Angels and Where they Lead Me

During his time at the house by the lake, generally located near Vancouver, Canada, Drunvalo and his wife decided they wanted to learn all about meditation. So they started studying with a Hindu Teacher who lived in the area. Both were very serious in their study of meditation. One day while practicing meditation for about four or five months, two Angels about 10 feet tall appeared before them. Drunvalo describes one as of a green color and the other of a purple color. The bodies of these Angels were transparent, but they were real to them all the same. The first words uttered by the two Angels were, “We are you.” Drunvalo says he did not understand what that meant at the time. Over time, these two Angels taught him various things about himself and the nature of consciousness. Finally his heart opened to them and he felt the tremendous love which is the nature of their being.

As Drunvalo grew, the same could not be said of his wife, who just could not handle the presence of the Angels and so Drunvalo and his wife split up.

Over the following years the Angels lead him to some 70 different Teachers. The Angels would tell him during his meditation actual names, addresses and phone numbers of these Teachers. The Angels would sometimes tell him to call first, while other times he was instructed merely to show up at their door. Each time the relationship with the particular Teacher worked out. His instructions from the Angels would be to stay with a Teacher for a certain time then at the appropriate moment to leave often in the midst of his Teacher’s instruction on a particular subject.

Drunvalo’s studies lead him into contact with all the World’s major religions including the Teachings of Native Americans, which he recounts as some of the most important Teachings to facilitate his growth in spirit. Having experienced the widest possible variety of spiritual teachings, Drunvalo recounts that all the World’s Religions are speaking the same Reality, although through different words, concepts and ideas. In the end, there is only One Reality and only One Spirit moving through all Life.

*Alchemy and The First Appearance of Thoth

Drunvalo relates a story where his Angels lead him to study with an Alchemist, who had actually discovered how to turn Mercury into Gold. Drunvalo studied with this man for two years. Interestingly, the Alchemist was not all that interested in the production of Gold, but in understanding the Process of Transformation.

Drunvalo relates that the Process of Transforming the metal Mercury into the metal Gold is identical to the Process that a Human follows going from this level of consciousness to that of Christ Consciousness. Drunvalo goes further to explain that all chemical reactions in matter have a correspondence experientially to some aspect in life.

In relating to his first encounter with Thoth, apparently Drunvalo and the Alchemist were conducting an open eyed meditation where the two were locking breaths associated with a specific breathing regime. The two were sitting about 3 feet apart and had been involved in this meditation for an hour or two. Then something happened. Apparently Drunvalo’s vision got fuzzy and his Alchemist Teacher / Friend disappeared. Drunvalo even reached over to see if his friend was there and as far as Drunvalo could tell his friend had totally disappeared from Drunvalo’s Reality. Still Drunvalo just sat there and continued with his open eyed meditation. Then in a short while another person appeared in the Alchemist’s place. This other person was Drunvalo’s first encounter with Thoth, although at that time Thoth did not introduce himself.

Drunvalo described this Stranger as a little guy who appeared to be an Egyptian. He had dark skin with long hair pulled back and a long beard growing only from his chin. Drunvalo was very taken back by this man’s eyes, which Drunvalo described as those of a baby. They exhibited an innocence about them with no mask of judgement or self conceit.

Apparently what happened next was that the Stranger asked Drunvalo if he knew where the 3 missing atoms in the Universe were located. Drunvalo told him he did not know and so this Stranger gave him an experience that was akin to traveling out of space and time to the origin of the Universe. After this journey, Drunvalo told the Stranger what he understood and the Stranger corrected Drunvalo’s misconceptions. Then as suddenly as he had appeared, he disappeared, profoundly affecting Drunvalo for a long time afterwards.

Drunvalo did not see this Stranger again until 12 years later. The date that Drunvalo relates as to when they met again was November 1, 1984.

*Thoth The Atlantean

In this section, Drunvalo gives us some historical background on the being called Thoth. Drunvalo describes Thoth’s origin going back to the beginning of Atlantis. Thoth had figured out a means some 52,000 years ago to remain conscious in one body without experiencing death. Drunvalo stated that Thoth had remained in his original body throughout millennia up to the year 1991, where he moved into a new way of Being far beyond our understanding.

Thoth lived through most of the period of Atlantis and was even their King for a period of 16,000 years. At that time he was called Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites. Drunvalo explained that Chiquetet was more of a title than a name and it meant “Seeker of Wisdom”.

After the sinking of Atlantis, Arlich Volmalites and other advanced beings waited for close to 6,000 years before they could begin to re-establish civilization on Earth. During the beginning of The Egyptian Civilization, he was called Thoth. Thoth also had a hand in the commencement of The Greek Civilization through his tutelage of Pythagoras. Thoth was known to The Greeks as Hermes and was the author of “The Emerald Tablets”. All the Ancient Mysteries coming from Pythagoras and The Egyptians apparently have their origins from Thoth.

Much of this material taught to the Ancients either directly or indirectly through Thoth was conveyed to Drunvalo over a number of years of almost daily contact.

Thoth’s wife is Shesat and apparently both she and Drunvalo have known each other since 1,500 B.C., when Drunvalo claims to have consciously connected to Earth from another Dimension.

*Thoth Geometries and The Flower of Life

In this section, Drunvalo relates a story where an exchange of information was agreed upon by Drunvalo and Thoth. Apparently Thoth wanted to know about The Merkaba Meditation and in exchange Drunvalo received Thoth’s memories of 52,000 years of existence on the Earth.

Drunvalo relates to the means of his communication with Thoth. It was not in words but by means of telepathy and holographic images that activated all of his senses of taste, feeling, smell, hearing as well as sight. All conveyed as thought-forms to Drunvalo from Thoth.

Drunvalo was instructed in this manner, regarding many topics, many of which involved Sacred Geometry. Finally Thoth introduced to Drunvalo, The Flower of Life. Thoth claimed that this Symbol contained all knowledge in the Waveform Universe, without exception.

Thoth told Drunvalo that this Ancient Symbol could be found in Egypt. Yet Drunvalo had been all over Egypt and had never come across it. About two weeks later, Drunvalo ran into a friend in Taos, New Mexico who was just returning from a trip to Egypt with a large stack of photographs. As it turned out, while this friend was in Egypt, her guide told her to take a photograph of an obscure Symbol and give it to Drunvalo when she returned home. Clearly the meeting was yet another synchronicity and as a result, Drunvalo received the proof he needed regarding the existence of The Flower of Life in Ancient Egypt.

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